Mickey Mouse Birthday Coloring Page

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All kids I know love him – that’ s why today is dedicated to this Mickey Mouse Birthday Coloring Page. I am so into making coloring pages – having just featured Thanksgiving Winnie the Pooh coloring pages), that I thought …

mickey mouse difficult coloring pages

“I might as well celebrate our own wonderful Mickey Mouse on his birthday with a lovely free coloring page. ”

Mickey is the world’s best known cartoon character and is the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. His first cartoon, Steamboat Willie, started in 1928. And the energetic cheerful mouse has been loved by us all, ever since. Mickey will always come to the rescue if you’re in trouble, and is sure to make you laugh.

Mickey Mouse’s birthday is November 18. That’s today.


Happy Birthday, Mickey.

Have fun coloring.  This free downloadable coloring page comes courtesy of coloringpagesforkids.info.



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