Men Halloween Costume Ideas

Crafts for men

While I vote the ‘children in Halloween costumes’- pictures and visions to be by far cuter (in particular the toddlers…), I have to say that it was actually easiest to come up with a whole bunch of Halloween costume ideas for men. They were just rolling out of my mind. Then, I went through the laborious task of finding you some sample pictures of what such a costume could look like. Click on each link to find one or more Halloween costume pictures.

Now it’s up to you. You can either purchase your Halloween costume (do it NOW!, don’t wait till the last minute), or make your own home-made version. For some adult costumes, we are fortunate to have some free costume making tutorials.

michael jackson halloween costume

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

  1. Pirate costume *
  2. Ranger costume *
  3. Obama costume *
  4. Michael Jackson costume + sequin gloves & sox + costume wig *
  5. Curious George’s ‘Man In The Yellow Hat’ costume *

  6. Star Wars Darth Vader Halloween Costume
  7. Gorilla costume
  8. Fred Flintstones costume
  9. Star Trek costume
  10. Renaissance monk costume
  11. elvis Elvis Presley Rock Star Costume
  12. Ghost costume
  13. Dead Corpse Wedding Groom costume
  14. Dracula costume
  15. Astronaut costume
  16. Native American Indian warrior costume
  17. Napoleon costume
  18. Pilot costume
  19. ‘Attacked’ Postman costume
  20. Scarecrow Halloween costume
  21. Mummy costume
  22. Knight costume with sword
  23. Roadside worker with traffic cone hat
  24. Construction worker with hard hat, nails, etc.
  25. Hospitalized person with broken leg costume
  26. Walking coffin costume
  27. Dead tree with owl, spider webs and little ghosts costume
  28. Superman costume
  29. Butler costume
  30. Roman Centurion costume
  31. Bart Simpson costume
  32. Your favorite actor-costume

It seems that I was most prolific here with costumes. Of course, all these Halloween costume ideas can be adapted for women, couples, boys and girls.

Other Halloween Costumes

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