Make one just as fab as this DIY Mantelpiece upholstered headboard

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Sometimes Martha Stewart has something really novel to share, like this mantelpiece headboard.  It is a gorgeously upholstered bed headboard with a carved wooden frame. And yes, it’s an upcycled fireplace mantel piece. Awesome!

DIY mantelpiece upholstered headboard

A typical mantel piece fits a single bed, up to a full-size bed.

This is an ideal solution to create luxury in a tight space as the mantel piece doubles as a nightstand.

How warm and cozy is this! It’s my favorite! Is it your favorite too?

Headboard DIY Tip

1. If you want to paint your recycled mantelpiece, use a semi-gloss paint as that is most befitting for bed frames.

The one shown here is so suitable as it has zero VOCs, i.e. is non-toxic. This is really good for beds, as you’ll be in it about 8 hours a day!

2. A tull-size bed is typically 54” wide.  The inside of the mantelpiece should be smaller than this. Measure it ahead of time as this is the size of the plywood you’ll need. Add a few inches on either side to get the measurements for the foam you’ll need.  And add a few inches on either side again to get the measurements for the upholstery fabric you’ll need.

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