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Makeup removal pads crochet patterns: Buying and using disposable make-up removal pads is one of my last environmental UN-friendly habits. I have been wanting to toss the habit of these cotton pads for quite some time now. Cotton is one of the major contributors to our pesticide pollution in the world. And these pads go straight into the landfill after only a single use. Crazy really, but I have to say it’ s been a hard habit to break.

Makeup Removal Pads - Crochet Patterns by

But this week, I decided to bite the bullet. I was almost running out of disposables, and I actively did NOT buy them. Now what?!! A bit of panic set in and for one day, I used  toilet paper instead. What an ordeal!! I hurt my eyes removing my mascara.

Makeup Removal Pads - Crochet Patterns by
My Makeup Removal Pads Crochet Patterns

So, I went to my craft room and roamed around. The skeins of mercerized cotton yarn caught my eye. (How can it not? It’s super bright!) But, it’s also super soft. And it’s cotton, and durable. So, Yes. I decided to make my own reusable Makeup Removal Pads right there and then.

I explored with different sizes as I imagined I would need a little set of two – three pads each day. Here are the results of my exploration.

Makeup Removal Pads - Crochet Patterns by FineCraftGuild.comn

1. A three layered cupped flower, consisting of 3 separate pads, of different sizes. (see middle right)

2. An open-worked flower. (see bottom right)

3. A duo-tone, 3-layered, textured flower that perhaps just too pretty to use, although stained with make-up after a few weeks of use might make the flower more real and interesting. As I said, it’s an experiment. (see top right)

4. A double layered lotus flower ( 2 separate pads) (bottom left shows 1 of the 2 layers)

5. A simple large circle with a simple scalloped edge (see top left)

Color : What’s Your favorite Bathroom Color Scheme?

  • — Natural pastel home spa-style, or
  • — bright colored make-up removal pads?

Using my DIY Makeup Removal Pads

Couple of observations so far:

  • I started using one (not shown) yesterday and realize that from now on I will have to smear my make-up removal liquid on my face first. Then wet the removal pad with warm water and wipe away the make-up and the make-up liquid. 
  • I had planned to create these for single use and then having to toss these into the washing machine. I had not anticipated that I might actually be able to squeeze and rinse the pad right after use and that they then would be clean again. So clean, that it actually would  be re-usable the next day.   I did not think of this when I made them, but these are kind of like mini- wash cloths.  So, that’s an interesting and favorable result.
  • I made them into rather bright pink and purple colors. While that would make any permanent makeup stains less gross looking, it make the flowers kind of too pretty to make dirty.  I thought that plain white would have been a nightmare to keep clean. So, the happy medium then, is the following recommendation: make them in natural colors of tan, ocher and that sort of thing. And in a color scheme that matches your bathroom / make-up bags, because you will have these around for a long time to come.

I don’t know what the resistance was all about, other than the idea that you would have to re-use a makeup pad. Somehow that idea sounded gross to me. Turned out: it wasn’t!

Mini bath scrubbies/makeup remover pads crochet pattern

Makeup Removal Pads - Crochet Patterns by

Want the Patterns?

The set of makeup remover pad flower crochet patterns will be available upon request. I haven’t written it up yet, but if there’s demand for this, I’ll write it out.

As well, let me know if you’re interested in a slightly larger set of matching bath scrubbies while you’re at it.

OK. There you have it. Another environmentally friendly craft from yours truly. Hugs and have a great day, everyone! Till tomorrow. Rose

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First published March 31, 2015. Updated 2024.

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