DIY Silk Scarf Dolce & Gabbana Shorts

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Have you’ve seen these: Dolce & Gabbana treats us to some really novel high-waist silk satin shorts designs this summer. Love that look. Gypsy Italian? Lots of chic, lots of flair, lots of bohemian, and lots of slink. Wow!

free sewing pattern :: high-waist silk shorts a la Dolce Gabbana ::

D & G High-Waist Silk Shorts

Stand-out Vacation Style

Beyond a bodice or bandeau bikini, you could tone this D&G piece down a bit with a crisp white shirt or striped nautical t-shirt. It does need interesting sandals or high heels.

Looks comfortable, chic, bohemian, and sexy.

Dolce Gabbana knockoff
Dolce Gabbana Shorts Knockoff – Make Your Own – Free Sewing Pattern

Super for summer.

I’m not sure if I’d dare to wear something like this without going to the gym every day and getting a perfect faux-tan on, and have my legs waxed. I have a feeling that this will mostly look stunning on those with rather skinny body shapes, rather than those a bit rounder. However, generally speaking, these shorts are definitely a great idea.

Bold & Gold ~ Fashion 2012

Rich gold & bold prints on silks that were typically found on fashion brand scarves are all the rage here. I just bought a gorgeous printed crepe-jersey top in pastel orange & lots of gold chains. A lavish print. I maybe I’ll treat you a fashion shot of it in an upcoming post. Because it is a really simple pattern, and perhaps you might like to make one also. You’ll need two identical scarves to pull that one off, however.


OK. Back to the D& G shorts….

Donatella, queen of remake, of ‘Inspiration & Realization’ created this D& G knockoff for a fraction of the cost. I mean $0.   And I think that perhaps her shorts will look even nicer on than will Dolce & Gabbana’s shorts. What do you think? I think her print works better.  Anyhow. I don’t dare to argue with the designers over at D & G …

diy high waisted silk satin shorts free sewing tutorial ::

Make Your Own High-Waist D&G Silk Shorts

So, if you too want to save yourself some $300++ and tax,  then roam around in your closet and dig out a large, square vintage, unused scarf. I find gorgeous vintage scarves on local Italian markets. But I am sure you can find some in second hand stores in your area also. Or if you prefer to get some inexpensive new scarves, here you can buy beautiful scarves that are just excellent for this project.  And when I say, inexpensive, I mean just $15 and up.

Our Quick 1,2,3 How-to Instructions

How to make it? Donatella shows you her way, and do check it out. In the meanwhile, here’s my quick 1,2,3 summary of how it’s made:

1. Use the waist section of a well-fitting pair of pants as template and draw your own pattern. Fold over scarf and cut two front and back panels using your own pattern.

2. Pin together. Sew with 1.5 cm (1/2”) seams, in such a way that elastic can be run through them.

3. Insert elastic on top and bottom of the shorts. Fit the pants and secure the elastic to fit you just right.

Note: the D& G silk shorts have concealed side slit pockets. If you wish to add these, make sure you use silk.

To create the look: make sure you have at least one other satin silk scarf in coordinating colors that you can tie around your waist or use for a fun hair do-up. See D&G’s picture for ideas. Enjoy summer in your super fancy D&G summer 2013 wear!

source / more detailed how-to

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