Did you know that Andy Warhol made some other kind of artwork than that ‘4 images in different color scheme’ kinda thing?

In the beginning of his art career, Warhol was a commercial graphic designer for retail. For this job, he created fun, whimsical artwork, particularly for the Christmas holidays.

This image here is of one of his designs. We’re going to use it today as a base to create our own free Christmas greeting cards.

Craft Essentials For This XMAS Card

To Make your own Andy Warhol Christmas card, this is what you’ll need:

  • 6-7 pieces of gift wrapping paper
  • an equal number of small pieces of ribbons that match the paper
  • one or more curly, or small patterned stamps which can be used to devise a sled
  • Sharpie pen
  • one star stamp with silver ink pad
  • colored cardstock for the base of the card
  • piece of white, silver or gold for the sled
  • dye ink pads that complement the background color of the card stock
  • color markers or watercolor pencils to tie it all together
  • paper glue & scissors
  • patience to put it all together.

Step-by-step XMAS Card Making Tutorial

  1. Make a thin sketch of the sled and the packages
  2. Cut out the sled body and the presents to size
  3. Cut off the ribbon bits and glue them onto the presents individually
  4. Use the small patterned or larger curly stamps to device the sled’s bottom frame
  5. You may need the sharpie or color markers to finish off the design
  6. When your present ribbons are glued and dried, and when the sled ink is dried, glue all the pieces together.



I would make 10 versions of this design. The 10th version will no doubt look better than the first.

Set of 24 with Carrying Case
Get The Right Markers for Your Work

Upcycle Bad Design Versions

Never throw away old art ‘n’ craft projects that did not work out exactly as planned. Instead, put them in a box, to be cut up later and be used in other projects. It’s an efficient way of crafting.
Cut portions of these cards WILL make great Christmas gift name tags, place holders on the Christmas table, embellishments for more XMAS greeting cards, personalization of your note book giveaways, ….. great key tags, or coffee cup cuff or otherwise accents when laminated.

Professional artists and advanced art students use top color markers. I mean …

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