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So cute, I wish I would have thought of that. Lindsey of the Pleaded Poppy made this 100% recycled lampshade that is just glorious to look at. This lampshade will befit any room, depending upon fabrics chosen/remnants found in your stash. All you’ll need is scrap fabric and an old lampshade frame.

how to make your own lampshadeThe lampshade here that Lindsey made features pretty happy polka dot strips. It is created for her daughters’ kid bedroom.  From afar, these look like candy-wrappers, don’t they?



How-to Make Your Own Lampshades

This is really my quick 1,2,3 howto

  1. Find an old plain lampshade.
  2. Tear off whatever is on it.
  3. Wrap the metal wire frame in plain cloth.
  4. Then, tear strips that are long enough to fit between two spokes, plus 2 inches on both sides, for the tie on either side.
  5. Go around and around between the bars till the whole shade is ‘full’, but leave enough light between the layers to create a spider effect on the wall, when the light is on.
  6. Mix and match fabrics. Go wild like Lindsey, or choose a mono-chromatic color scheme for a calmer look. I’m thinking pastel pale yellow and white fabric, lace and crochet strips for this project. It will look shabby-chic and be calm, so that I’ll sleep sound at night.
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The Pleaded Poppy

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