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There may be many infinity scarf patterns, but some are special! Does this infinity scarf pattern not look luxurious? Grande and over-sized, this cowl almost measures the size of an infinity scarf. And it could be worn like a knit hoodie. Great idea for a handmade Christmas Gift for Her. I think it takes just one eve to make.

Knitting Fashion tip: I learned that the latest & hippest name for a circle scarf is no longer a cowl, nor infinity scarf, but a snood. Just so you know. But for now, I’ll just be referring to an infinity scarf pattern.

Infinity Scarf Pattern :: One of many Simple, Free Knitting Patterns

This infinity scarf pattern is not that hard to knit at all. You just have to know how to knit in the round. If you click this link you’ll be brought to a free online class with 3 videos on how to knit in the round. Mystery solved. Yes, YOU can do it also. It’s easy actually.

Best news of the day is that this knit-in-the-round, infinity scarf pattern is a free knitting pattern from Red Heart.

infinity scarf pattern :: knitting patterns :: FineCraftGuild.comIn essence:

You knit/purl 2-3 rows, and then work in a patterns of 2 knit stitches and 2 or 3 purl stitches.

Repeat, till your work reaches desired height.

Be sure to finish off two rows of knitted stitches, casting off in that last round.

I don’t think there is much more to this infinity scarf pattern than this.

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Finished Size of Infinity Scarf

Using the recommended yarn 9 stitches give you 4” width. As it is suggested to cast on 90 stitches, your cowl will be 40” all around.

However, what is nice about this kind of knitting project (a scarf) is that it really does not matter that much if you knit loosely or rather tightly, because a cowl / looped infinity scarf of 37” or 43” would be just fine too.

In terms of height, as you want this cowl to become a hoodie too, make sure don’t make your work too short. I’d go for a height of about 12-18”.

If you want to make a cowl with this knit pattern, that is just around your neck, you can cast off at about 8” instead.

Knitting Supplies Needed for this Infinity Scarf Pattern

The pattern is based on Red Heart’s Big & Lite yarn, which is a Super bulky yarn (#5-#6).
As it’s discontinued, let me help you transfer the parameters to another yarn. You’ll need 4 skeins for this cowl / infinity scarf knitting pattern, so 4 x 58 yards(53 meters), or 232 yards (212 m) in total. Each skein was 70 grams (2.47 ounces) of a yarn blend of 62% Acrylic, 26% Wool, 12% Polyester. So look for an acrylic/wool blend.

Here are 100 ALTERNATIVE YARN TYPES All beautiful:

super bulky yarn grey loveknitting -- Luxurious Easy Infinity Scarf Pattern

For this super bulky weight yarn, you’ll need circular knitting needles size US15 (10 mm) measuring 32” long. Gauge: 9 sts = 4 inches.

Knitting tip: this time, do use that STITCH MARKER.  In case you wonder what I am talking about: These things!(check them out on Amazon)  Have no stitch marker?/! No problem, make a pretty one over the holiday break, and for now any loopy earring will do just fine. Even a paperclip or a loop of yarn works! Have fun knitting this infinity scarf pattern!

Let me know if you have trouble finding this yarn, and perhaps I can help finding it/equivalent. Comment below. In the meanwhile, I just came across some luxurious yarn (check them out at Amazon) made with a cashmere, merino wool & silk-blend. I think I would like to knit this infinity scarf pattern with such yarn. In Saks Fifth Ave, cowls like this cost several hundred dollars, and so with a little shimmering tag added and made in this quality yarn could really be a quality present for someone special. You?!

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infinity scarf knitting pattern

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