Luxurious Gift Bags a la Hermès

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#3. Make Luxurious Gift Bags, inspired by the ‘Hermès Handbag’ – Free Template.

Hermès kelly paper bag template

A few years ago, Hermès gave away a paper template of its Kelly handbag design, for you to personalize. An awesome scrapbooking opportunity. And makes the most classy holiday gift bags!

The Kelly handbag was named after Grace Kelly. Even in plain paper, it’s most elegant. Good design stands the test! This really is a luxury DIY.

Luxurious Gift Bags Template Download

luxurious gift bag designs

Difficulty: easy-moderate.

For kind of gifts: books. bags, ‘precious’ feminine gifts for women or girls, larger presents.

Photo Credit | By: Hermè

How to Make Your Own Luxurious Gift Bag

STEP 1. Download the free Kelly gift bag template.

STEP 2. Design with scrapbooking paper, water colors, color markers, sharpies, or as you fancy.

STEP 3. Glue the various parts of the bag together.


p.s. I am really inspired to make a knitting pattern based on the classic Kelly bag design. I so love it.

It would make a fun project, wouldn’t it? Drop me a line in the comments below if you’d like a knitting pattern for a bag similar to this style?

We do have a lot of DIY patterns for bags on my website already. Many are sewing patterns, but I feature a bunch of bag crochet patterns and knitting patterns as well. If you are curious, you can find these here:


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