2 Recipes: Veggy Burgers + Chocolate Cupcakes


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summer dresses silverI am proud to present wonderful artist-in-life Jutta’s inventive summer dress pattern made from chewed-up yoga pants (she has a new puppy… ) as the second artist in the A STITCH ABOVE –series.

We also featured how to make a suzani rug (i.e. w stencils, it’s easy), how to make cool leopard mod flower earrings (in 2 minutes), and how to make a decorative bathroom wall from recycled pallets.

Party Features

As for the entries I liked the best of last week’s linky parties, I’d like to feature two recipes:

For lunch: Delicious, Healthy Veggie Burgers


These veggy burgers are made with delicious slow-cooked red beans and quinoa.  Add eggs, onions and spices  a la Mary, and you have yourself some tasty, healthy and low fat burgers also.  Mary shares the details of her recipe. Check it out. From Mary’s Healthy Meals – blog.

And for dessert: Chocolate Flower Cupcakes

Choc Chip Flower Cups

This dessert is for you. It’s meant as a Mothers day recipe, and indeed these cupcakes are festive flower delights.  While I am a broccoli and pinenuts– kinda gal, I know this is not for everyone;  and these cupcakes will be fun to make for exceptional days, like Mothers day.  Image credit: With a Blast – blog.

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And now, your turn. First is the General DIY/craft Party, then Mothers Day Ideas, followed by Recipes of any kind.

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