Linky Party 42


:: linky party 42 ::

Oh, boy!  Been busy with creating a good knitting pattern for these sock monkey cup cozies. Like sock monkeys?  Get the pattern!  With or without ears, you’re gonna love it.

Now  to the Party features! I looked over the submissions of last week, and none of them was any good. Ha! I tricked you. Of course! The opposite. I had such a hard time choosing, that I know I will do injustice by mentioning just a few.  But I’m going to do that anyway. 

My Top 5 Best Features

Go check out #2, #19, #28, #32 and #73 of last week’s linky party. You may not immediately get this from those small thumbnails.  But let me tell you: they are FABULOUS, inspirational ideas, patterns and techniques you will want to learn.  Leave me a comment below to tell me what you think…


Time for a Party


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