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Happy 4th of July. Just in case you missed them, let me feature some inspirational projects of last week’s party. What do you you think of this awesome bedroom makeover? Makes you want to jump up and go do the same, right now, doesn’t it?!!!

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1. Craft Room Reveal


This is as much as a ‘guest bedroom transformation’ as it is a ‘craft room reveal’, as this room doubles as both. Best thing: it’s so colorful in the after  (vs. a pretty drab before), that it is now ‘the place to be happy’ for anyone creative in the house, guests or not.

By Lisa of Team T Adventures

2. Script Stencil Wall

Harry Potter Script Wall 1

Gorgeous. Amazing. Inspirational. A professional job and a labor of love, literally. Secret ingredients: GET YOURSELF a Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit, (learn more or purchase on Amazon) and inexpensive contact paper. By Jeannine from the Concrete Cottage. (

3. Bureau-Cabinet Makeover


Fancy that sheet music decoupage, and that wonderful paint job done on this otherwise not that inspiring bureau. It looks fabulous. By CJ from Juniper and Roses,

4. Water Fountain + Planter from Funky Tumbled Pots

tumbled pot planter

The fountain is store-bought, the matching planter a DIY.
By Tammy from One More Time Events


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