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  Princess Bed DIY, made from scratch, by Radcrafter

kids bedroom furniture

In case this image is not impressive enough on its own, have a quick peek at the ‘before’ ..

kids furniture

What is impressive about this project are 2 things:

  • a. She used a really simple bed frame design, and pulled this basic design up to splendor by simple measures of drapery and textiles.
  • b. She TOTALLY transformed a giga-mess kids bedroom into a wonderful space in which a girl can find herself.

I am so happy for this girl!

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:: Stenciling ::

2. ‘Keep calm… ‘ or ‘How to make A Stencil’ at Dreaming a Home.


I laughed out loud when I read this stencil. How creative is that. Love it. Best of all, she shows us how to make your own stencil, from tape.

:: Recycled Furniture Makeover ::

3. From Bathroom Vanity to Kitchen Island featured at

recycled furniture

Almost nothing excites me more than a total re-purposing. This cool kitchen island that is going to be used 24/7 (I can tell), was a plain-ish white vanity, that was no longer in use, collecting dust somewhere.

Beyond this, anyone with a small kitchen knows that one can ALWAYS use a bit more chopping space, so this island is probably meaning the end of a daily search for ‘where can I chop this now’- cooking dilemma.

Well done.

:: Fun Kid Summer Projects ::

Make Your Own Flower Hair Pins by Its Overflowing



Is this darling, or what?  Makes you want to have all the girls in the neighborhood come over and make these.  Another 10 out of 10 project.

So much for the features of last week. Show off what you’ve made this week! We are curious.

: Check these featured Interior Designs. They are the pick-of-the-crop of Last week’s DIY party. I am featuring two stunning projects. Be inspired. Like my choice? Have a look!

The features are case studies, rather than DIY projects to follow step-by-step. Examine the details to understand why these country cottage interior designs work so well. I’ll help you analyze the first interior design project (living room), and you get to look at the second one (kitchen) on your own.

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