How to add glamour: DIY Paillette cardigan tutorial


DIY Paillette Cardigan | These gorgeous Fashion features were linked up at the last party. Learn how you can make your own gorgeous paillette cardigan that is just so … Anthropologie like.

Today I have 2 highlights for you, both of which are for fabulous projects with tutorials, by fabulously creative bloggers. Kristina has other DIY garments that she is showing, while Omo is gaining some fame for another jewelry tutorial: a studded rope bracelet, also cool, but I prefer this necklace.

Tutorial for an Anthropologie like Cardigan

How to make | DIY Paillette Cardigan

By Kristina Clemens

Kristina shows you how you can transform a mundane H&M or Target cardigan into a splendid fashion top. I have a batch of these glitters laying around, and I got all inspired when I saw this. So easy to add glamour to an ordinary cardigan this way. The super-simple how-to: just sew them on with a stitch or two. Use a thread in the same color of your cardigan. Space the paillettes closer together around your mid-rif, and fan them out a bit further apart near the shoulders and the bottom border. Keep things nice and random — not too matchy-matchy.

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