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:: Letters and Flowers – Paper art :: Promised I’d show you this artful paper quilling shop window in LA, California. Well, here it is. Pictures were taken of the Sephora shop, 3rd St promenade in Santa Monica. I hope it will inspire you to a paper art or quiling craft decoration project or so…. and who knows, if you keep on playing around making paper flowers and letter throughout the weekend, you’ll have your lounge filled with them by the time New Year comes around.


3D Paper Winter Shapes

sephora letters and flowers paper art

Looking into the show there were repeated Christmas shapes, all in white paper, with icicles in silver for contrast.


Quilled Lettering

quilling sephora LA


This “I’m dreaming of” sign sure remind me of the artwork by Yulia Brodskayapaper art, although she does not list Sephora amongst her clients. At least, it is Yulia–inspired.




Here’s a close-up of the lettering. Se how the letters are not completely filled, and how there is a flow going on within each letter.   Pretty magical.


And the paper flowers.  She/they had clustered them on either side of the main window display.



paper_flowers_winterCurled & Folded 3D Paper Flowers


Creating layer after layer and grouped flower clusters creates a sense of abundance and happiness.


These flowers make me happy.



Yulia Brodskaya ~ Art Resources

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