Be on Trend with Adorable Lego Gift Boxes – Free Templates

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6. Lego Gift Boxes

lego free gift box template

How to Make 1,2,3: Use the free templates offered.


How to Use the Templates

Cut, fold & glue templates into box shapes, or in more details:

1. Print the template directly onto a piece of card stock.

2. Cut out the shape along the solid lines.

3. Fold and crease well along the dotted lines.

4. Put glue on the top half of the top flap

5. Fold the top flap up and over the extra flap and secure.

6. Cut the circles out of thick craft foam and cover them with colored paper. Glue on the circles, perfectly lined up. Let it dry a minute.

7. Add toy and tag.

Difficulty: easy-moderate

For kind of gifts: Christmas candy, toys, money (for toys).


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