7 Small Space Laundry Room Designs for Inspiration

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Renting your home does bring laundry room challenges! Usually there is insufficient storage. In many homes, there is no laundry room. Rather, there is a laundry ‘corner’ in a kitchen, bathroom, mudroom or garage. Know that reality?! I sure do. My laundry room is in my kitchen. Therefore, we need small laundry room ideas! Quick!!!


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contemporary laundry room inspiration

Fabulous Small Space Laundry Room Inspiration

Photo credit: MarcsonHomes.com

We all (I sure do) dream of a large, contemporary laundry room that is as fancy as this one here. This amazing laundry belongs to a 2011 lottery home, called the Mackenzie-home, designed by Marcson Homes. The color scheme is nothing short of fabulous. So is the carpentry, marble tops and separate sink.

In all fairness, one more reason that this laundry room looks so fabulous is that, at the time of the photo shoot, none lived in it. There are no bottles of laundry spray to hide yet, nor any stained shirts to be soaked or anything messy like that…



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traditional laundry room design ideas

Laundry Room Ideas – Traditional Inspiration

Photo credit: AbbottMoon.com

Or how about these fabulous laundry room ideas??!! Also architect-designed. S.t.u.n.n.i.n.g!

This traditional laundry room was designed by Abbot Moon, Los Angeles Interior Designer & Decorator.

The unique features of a marble checkerboard floor and black cabinets make this laundry room unusually elegant. Only in LA, of course. Or maybe in your too. I think the take-away of this laundry room design is that blocks of color and a tight color scheme always works, even in a laundry room.



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beach house laundry room

Fun Laundry Room Idea: Give it a Beach House- theme

Photo credit: Catherine Knight | Knights Architects LLC, Princeton, NJ | Knightarch.com

As un-traditional as it get: bright red laundry room appliances! Paired with a cheery blue and beach -themed home decorations and embellishments, this laundry room will make everyone happy to do laundry.



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laundry room ldeas

Fabulous Ideas that We can Implement to Improve our Own Laundry, Practically

The Bathroom – Laundry Room :: Separation Idea

Photo credit: Laurey Glenn for Southernliving.com


The folks from Southern Living must have come to my place as I have to live with the laundry room appliances and attributes in by bathroom every day. They came up with the idea of hiding the laundry appliances, baskets, etc. in the bathroom with some double-louvered doors. Love this!


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small laundry room under stairs

Create the Prettiest Space :: a Small Laundry ‘Room’ Under the Stairs

photo credit : 11 Magnolia Lane.

Don’t be satisfied by just looking at this picture, and say ‘yeah, nice’. Go check out the ‘before’-photos and see how this small laundry is transformed. It is barely believable it’s the same space. This metamorphosis gives us hope, folks!


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hallway storage under stairs tiny laundry room

Smallest Laundry ‘Room’ Under the Stairs

Just tuck that laundry room away….Now we are moving into ‘reality’ for many people: no laundry room at all! I think this under-the stairs placement of the washer works splendid. Be sure to add at least one shelf above it, to store your necessary supplies. And yes, do yourself a favor: use baskets, please. It will look so much nicer and will be handier to move around.


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laundry room decorations

Fun Small Laundry Room Ideas

Last tip: do something in your laundry room that makes you happy and filled with joy. Like this whimsical piece of wall art, that puts a smile on my face. It’s so personal. A great use of ‘found treasures’.

Photo credit: Rambling as Usual.

More Small Laundry Room Design Ideas for Renters

Actually, do read our 10 room design rules to make any room work, as well as how to create flow of color in your home for more room decorating design tips and ideas. Plus, check out this vintage bathroom storage, that I just love! It fits both toiletries and laundry supplies.

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