Laundry Room Design


I was inspired by this* laundry room design. Isn’t this lovely???  The brown box with white painted diamonds holds the laundry detergent, the red basket the drier sleeves. There are lots of little bunnies and potted plants on display. It’s clean and tidy.  OK. Those are the characteristics of a laundry room design we’re after.

laundry room make over

Laundry Room Design Make-Over

OK. Let’s do a make-over.

Today’s case study is a lovely bathroom which is to double-duty as laundry room, which transforms that lovely bathroom into a nuisance and a complete mess.

Look at this bathroom/ laundry room picture. Not exactly ‘darling’….

laundry room design before

Laundry Room Ideas

I have several design solutions that we’ll be putting in place in this laundry room, that are inexpensive, easy and fast.

1/ get rid of that ugly laundry detergent box, and display the soap nicely

2/ make space under the sink for little laundry items, such as spot cleaners, the iron, distilled water, etc.

3/ cover the washing machine to become a nice-sized side bathroom counter top, when not in use.

4/ hide the brooms in the shower, when not in use.

OK. Here are the ‘before’-picture and the plans. Check back later sometime in January 2010 to see the ‘after pictures’.

* source image:

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