Latest Haute Couture Toilet Paper Dress Design

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Ruffles, lots of ruffles. Ruffles in any size n shape. Really, these women toilet paper dresses are just too cool, too stunning, too beautiful to be true! And certainly fashion 2010.

A little while ago I posted several articles on the history of the paper dress. At that time, I found an award-winning toilet paper dress that I featured

Now, here are great evening dresses, dresses, and other stylish outfits that are just stunning. These haute couture creations are made by 15 Canadian designers! 

They were created for the Sixth Annual White Cashmere Collection 2009. It is the progression of five previous international award-winning collections and the largest collection to date. Of fine toilet paper dresses, that is.

There is no doubt about this, paper dresses are ‘latest fashion’. Particularly using recycled paper (no, I don’t mean used toilet paper, haha, but rather other kind of paper) is one of fashion latest trends.

designer toilet paper dress 09-1designer toilet paper dress 09-2designer toilet paper dress 09-8
designer toilet paper dress 09-14designer toilet paper dress 09-9designer toilet paper dress 09-5
designer toilet paper dress 09-3designer toilet paper dress 09-13 

Pink Toilet Paper Dresses

What’s with the pink? Believe this or not, this is ‘limited edition’-toilet paper! For charity, i.e. 25 ct of the sale of every pink toilet paper package goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation, to fight breast cancer.


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