Get Cricut Cartridges to Make Your Cutest Design Offline!

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Cricut stopped production in 2017 and replaced them with a new Design Space. So, in case you wonder why would recommend you get Cricut Cartridges to make your cutest design offline!

Why not Just Work with Design Space?

There are quite a few reasons for collecting your own cartridges is a desirable option for the dedicated scrapbooking artist!

1. Sometimes, yes sometimes, you just want to play computer -free. Almost nostalgic to do so. Cricut cartridges allow you to work with your Cricut without your computer. Just turn it on and go. How refreshing.

2. There’s a huge collection out there, of between 450 and 500 different cricut cartridges in circulation. While no longer produced, all of today’s Cricut machines – with the exception of the Cricut Mini – will still work with Cricut Cartridges. That’s a huge collection of different designs! And what you own, you own. No one can take that away from you. So at present Cricut as licenses with Disney and Anna Griffins for the most popular images. However, these licenses will eventually run out, while you can keep your purchased images on your cartridges forever.

3. You can link your cartridges to Design Space with a Cricut Cartridge Adapter; or if you have a newer Machine, with a Cricut Cartridge port. So at no extra cost to you, your Cricut cartridge collection can be uploaded (“synced”) online to your Design Space for your use there.

Which Cricut Cartridges to buy?

When I was a beginner with Cricut, I realized that it did not matter if the cartridges were released last week or last year, as I had none of them yet. So, I decided to work backwards, and to look around which designs I preferred. And then looked at what Cricut cartridges and card stock they used, and of course, I learned a tip or two on embellishments and card design in the process, but that’s for a later day. So, the first thing is to determine: which designs you like.

And a good place to start to see what you’ll like is to peruse the most popular Cricut Cartridges.

Cricut itself once published its ‘TOP 50 MOST POPULAR CRICUT CARTRIDGES, which are these:

  • 3 Birds on Parade
  • 3 D Floral Home Decor
  • Anna Griffin Christmas Kitsch
  • Anna Griffin Elegant Embellishments
  • Anna Griffin Seasonal Soiree
  • Anna Griffin Soiree Lettering
  • Baby Shower
  • Boho Graphics
  • Brooklyn Iron On
  • Camping Critters
  • Children Around the World
  • Create a Critter
  • Create a Critter 2
  • Create a Friend
  • Days and Dates
  • Disney Best of Pixar
  • Disney Classics
  • Disney Dreams Come True
  • Disney Hannah Montana
  • Disney Happily Ever After
  • Disney Mickey & Friends
  • Disney Mickey Fonts
  • Disney Pixar Cars
  • Disney Pixar Toy Story
  • Easter
  • Everyday Fonts
  • Family Album
  • Florals Embellished
  • Fontastic Fonts
  • Fontopia
  • From My Kitchen
  • Garden Soup
  • Happy Graduation
  • Home Organization
  • Jolly Holidays
  • Library Fonts
  • Life’s a Party
  • Lyrical Letters 1 & 2
  • Ole
  • Once Upon a Princess
  • Over the Hill
  • Pagoda
  • Photo Booth Props
  • Pink Journey
  • Plantin School Book
  • Simply Sweet
  • Snow Friends
  • Something to Celebrate
  • Street Sign
  • Stretch Your Imagination
  • Suburbia
  • Summer in Paris
  • Sweethearts
  • Team Spirit
  • Valentines Day
  • When I was a Kid
  • When It’s Cold Outside.

Where Can you Buy Cricut Cartridges Today?

You probably wonder where you now can I buy the Cricut Cartridges Online? I had a similar question and did my research which I’m sharing with you today.  

On Amazon, eBay and a few individual sites. And make no mistake, these cartridges can be pricey!

(Tip: Cartridges can’t be linked twice. So if you buy used cartridges chances are that are already linked, you won’t be able to link them to your own Design Space!).

Here’s a favorite Cricut Cartridge

CARD 1: cricut_wild_cart_argyle_cartridgeBloom & Feel Better

This card is made with a Cricut Cartridge. While the cutter helps you cut out the shapes, you still have to use your own design and scrapbooking ideas.

How to Use Cricut Cartridges

So, for this card, this is how the Cricut cartridge is used:

  • Cricut Cartridge, Wild Card – Argyle card: Use the Blackout feature at 5 1/2 for the card base.  
  • Cricut Cartridge, Wild Card  – Booklet card: using the Icon feature cut at 5 1/2 for the tree.
  • Add Cosmo Cricket designer paper to the front + use extra piece that cuts out on the card as the joining piece.
  • Hand-touch: shadowing on tree trunk +  leaves on tree with chalk for dimension
  • Cricut Cartridge, Stretch Your Imagination – Flrsh4 item for the white/brown vignette to mount the tree on. Again, use the Blackout feature to cut out the 2 shapes one at 4 3/4 and the 2nd at 4 1/4. Mount your tree on top.
  • Use the same cut at 1 3/4 to stamp the ‘Feel Better’ sentiment.

Mrs. Cindy Cotner Burgess
from St. Louis Missouri

Other cricut ideas and projects will follow:

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