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:: What makes Fall landscaping ideas easy to implement is their uncomplicated, free-form designs. All they want to be is ‘happily abundant’. Now go to it and create just that look! Pick foliage from your own garden. Enhance the arrangement perhaps with what you find on your nature walk or in your local garden center.

Fall Landscaping Ideas – Potted Features for Patios and Porches

Containers Gardening :: Fall Landscaping Ideas :: FineCraftGuild.com

The key to creating stunning Fall landscapes and center-pieces is to arrange the leaves just as you would with flowers in summer. Fall features some amazingly bright foliage such as red maple leaves that will look stunning on their own in a white pot or vase. Show them off on their own or pair them with the feathery foliage of dawn redwood laden with grey-green fruit.

Containers Gardening :: Fall Landscaping Ideas :: FineCraftGuild.com

Remember the ‘Beach in a Pot’– container gardening idea we included in our ‘How to Create a Beach Cottage’-series ? Now, I want to show you three different autumn gardens in a pots and planters. Beautiful landscaping ideas by Sunset, for your garden, patio and balcony.

Containers Gardening :: Fall Landscaping Ideas :: FineCraftGuild.comContainers Gardening :: Fall Landscaping Ideas :: FineCraftGuild.com
Source & Photo credit planters: Jennifer Martiné for Sunset.com

  1. Dress your Porch with Painted Pumpkins and Blankets

    • fall porch  ideas -- dress it up with blankets and pumpkins
      Source & photo credit: https://www.homestoriesatoz.com/fall-2/fall-porch-decorating-ideas.html
  2. Bring in The Harvest.

    • fall-landscaping-ideas-frontdoor-curb-appeal
      Source | photo credit: ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com

Fall Landscaping

What makes this so special? These mini- Fall landscapes (in pots) are neither Halloween nor Fall Crafts, including Thanksgiving -themed, but say ‘Autumn’ in an elegant way. An Autumn-ensemble in a planter is a ‘must have’ for our balcony garden. Love them also? How are you decorating your porch, patio or deck this Fall?

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