Kitten Mittens: Fun Cat Toy to Sew

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I guess everyone has seen this funny promo clip featuring ‘Kitten Mittens’ for ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’.

Kitten Mittens, Redefined

Kitten mittens maybe fun for people, but they can actually be useful pet toys.  Particularly indoor cats will benefit from a bit of entertainment and attention.

If you enjoy playing with your cat, but are getting tired of being scratched up all the time, then the kitten mitten is your answer. You can buy them or make your own. The store-bought versions of this interactive cat toy are made from 100% rugged cotton canvas, have an elastic ribbed wrist cuff. The fingers are 9.5 inch!

Your kitten (or grown cat!) will LOVE this. The plastic-reinforced fingers tipped with catnip-infused pom-poms, and have jingle bells…. Oh may, It does not get better than that in cat land. And for you. By wearing a Kitten Mitten, you protect your hand from your little darling’s sharp claws!


Kitten Mittens are for sale on Amazon.  Click the image for more info.


Possibly the best cat toy you’ll ever have.


Free Pattern – How To Make Your Own Kitten Mittens

Here’s how to make a Kitten Mitten toy. It’s fairly easy.

  1. Take an old glove that fits, or buy a heavy duty garden glove that fits.
  2. From some thick, bright colored, scrap cotton, make 5 long fingers: cut & sew tubes that will go over the fingers of your garden glove.
  3. Line each finger with strip of a thick plastic bag.
  4. From a thinner fabric, cut 10 circles, and sew them together in pairs, leaving a little opening.
  5. Fill each ball with catnip.
  6. Sew the balls onto the fingers.
  7. Sew some jingle bells onto the fingers of the hand.
  8. Sew the fingers onto the glove.
kitten mittens

How to use your Mitten?

Wiggle the catnip-laced pom-poms and watch pets pounce while your hands stay safe inside extra-long, plastic-reinforced fingers. Have fun, and be sure to not drive your cat too crazy. The idea is to entertain and please your cat, not to pester!!



Charm Wand, an Alternative to the Kitten Mitten

A cat danser –  teaser wand is a very popular alternative to the kitten mitten.  The wand has a colorful bouncy fabric strip hanging from it.  Another name for this wand is a cat charmer, as cats really love playing with it.  Obviously, it’s  much easier to sew this yourself, or get it in a click.


How to Make a Cat Bed

Be sure to look at this very nice, crocheted/felted cat bed, that is just so delightful, I wish you’d have a cat if you don’t already have one.


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