Be inspired by this Fab DIY Kitchen Island Makeover!

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This DIY Kitchen Island Makeover story is a little inspiration for us all. The story goes: dream, and just begin, and the results will be lovely… I mean: Love the smokey teal color of this unique one-of-a-kind kitchen island. It’s funky, it’s stylish, and with the new teal makeover, it’s now also classy chic.

DIY Kitchen Island Makeover – The Before Picture

Or rather: ‘The sanded kitchen island before version’ and ‘The whitish kitchen island before version in the context of the whole kitchen’

DIY Kitchen Island Makeover - Before pic
kitchen island

The Kitchen Island Makeover’s Inspiration Picture

Agatha was inspired by this green kitchen table. The teal of the table is a good color-addition to the overall white/brown color scheme of the kitchen. I like it!

Funky kitchen overall.

The After Picture

DIY Kitchen Island Makeover- the After picture

This great kitchen island makeover is the work of Agatha, from Audistree at Blogspot

( I call it ‘teal’, but she has nuances up her sleeve and explained that the paint color is ‘village green’ ( …. Mmm, romantic). To finish it of, she glazed & sealed the island with a paste wax. Some more minor details and the bar stools still have to be finished, but we could not wait for that. I wanted to show this to you today, so you would dare to tackle a paint job in your home over the weekend (wink)

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