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Some souls are so fabulously creative, makes you wonder…. Who am I? Russian artist Nataly Aserova transformed her home and made this cool kitchen design with suitcase cabinets. Who would think of repurposing her old suitcases into fabulous kitchen cabinets? I don’t but I simply adore the result.What a fun Saturday afternoon project!


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Learn how to design your own cool kitchen and make a suitcase kitchen cabinet….

My Quick 1,2,3 Howto DIY Tutorial on How to Transform a Suitcase into a Kitchen Cabinet

  • 1. Take an old suitcase. Cut out a front panel.   Secure the edges with some wooden inner-paneling.
  • 2. Create a wooden inner frame, with two shelves.
  • 3. Spray-paint white, inside and out. (tip: protect metal corners first so as to not cover these with paint)
  • 4. With some pin tags, attach white lace to inner-shelves.
  • 5. Attach a sheet of plexi-glass to the wooden inner-paneling of the suitcase lid.
  • 6. Montage glass rack on one of the short sides of the suitcase.
  • 7. Create hooks to be able to securely hang up your kitchen cabinet(s).
  • 8. Now hang them up and fill with pretty kitchen objects.

Tip: don’t hang your new kitchen cabinet up too high, as you’ll need to be able to open the top lock of the suitcase to get to your kitchen gear.

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