Kit Kat Birthday Cake – Frozen Olaf – video tutorial

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Here ‘s a great idea for a Winter birthday: a Kit Kat Birthday Cake – Frozen Olaf – themed.

Given the popularity of my other ‘ Kit Kat birthday cake: pigs in a mud bath (recipe), Disney-inspired Kit Kat Birthday Cake: Frozen Olaf video tutorialI thought to add a seasonally appropriate Winter version of this cake up as well: a Disney’s Frozen Olaf Kit Kat cake!  How cool is that, literally?

Kit Kat Birthday Cake – Frozen Olaf

Disney-inspired Kit Kat Birthday Cake: Frozen Olaf video tutorial
Kit Kat Birthday Cake – Frozen Olaf


Cake Recipe

For the cake itself, you can use my Kitkat “Pigs in Mud’ recipe that I just mentioned before. And a lot of the techniques I mentioned in that cake making instructions- articles/recipe, you can use here for the Olaf cake as well.

Ingredients for Decorating your Kit Kat Birthday Cake – Frozen Olaf

Besides the Frozen Olaf cake decoration, you’ll need:

  • Good quality icing, that you can smear on your cake.
  • For the figurines, use fondant, which is thicker and which you can shape.
  • Food Coloring (You’ll need orange, light blue and black coloring for this project, so going for a set of colors in an economical option).
  • one Pretzel
  • one Long Licorice strip
  • A bit of melted Melting Chocolate (to keep the licorice tub belt in place)
  • An over-sized pack of Kit Kats (enough to go around your cake)
  • Optionally add some sparkle with: Wilton Light Blue Sparkle Gel, to give the top water layer a lift.
  • Now, don’t go and think that ‘a miracle occurs‘ as the chef is shaping Olaf’s head in this video tutorial.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO. What you’ll simply need is a good quality cake icing sculpting tool set.   This one comes with letters and numbers (also really handy to have) but you’ll need the modelling tools for the head.  Just stop the video at the point where he is sculpting the head so you keep up with the chef.

I took another photo so you can have a close-up look at the figuring which is based on the Disney Movie Frozen’s Olaf.

frozen olaf birthday cake
Kit Kat Birthday Cake – Frozen Olaf

How to Make Olaf  (or similar)

This Olaf is made just like any other snow man: a large ball for the bottom and a medium ball for the body. But, because Olaf is a movie character, his head is way larger than a regular snowman. So, make your ball for the head the same size as the bottom and start shaping away.

While you are sticking the balls together as you are stacking them, the figurine will benefit from a central stick, such as a satay stick, or even a couple of tooth picks. The cup is a small ball and then shaped.

Orange fondant for the nose, and blue for the eyelids. His hair is made of a finely cut piece of liqorice. Pretzel pieces make up the arms. To create Olaf’s face, you’ll really benefit from a set of icing moulding scalpels to shape the face and create his typical facial expression. Then, with a bit of black food coloring and a small brush, paint on the eyes, mouth, and make other facial expression lines.

How to make Olaf’s buddy and other details can be seen in the free cake decorating video class below. Enjoy!

OLAF Kit-Kat Cake Recipe (Inspired by Disney’s FROZEN Olaf the snowman)

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