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What’s the verdict: are your kids’ rooms tidy or trash? Or is that toy room driving you nuts?  Scream no more. I’ve just made some free and dare I say, gorgeous labels for a princess’ palace tidiest abode.   (it was about time, i hear you grind…  ha ha). Seriously, by giving kids pretty organizing boxes with pretty labels, they actually like tidying up.   Well…, maybe they like it a bit more, because it will become a lot easier. :-)



food label finecraftguild


Labels, Labels, and More Labels

I have created labels for Bratz and Barbies and all their ‘worlds’/accessories, Pet shop pieces, soft toys, music, kitchen & baking sets/food/tea sets, puzzles and games, artwork, doll cloths, and the doctor set. 

Like my calligraphy?  If you prefer to get plain labels, let me know and I’ll add another file. 




Free Printable Box Labels To Tidy a Girls’ Bed or Toy Room

Here are your freebies: Free Printable Labels. Happy?!! I made them all by myself. (Well, actually, credit where due: the pretty rims were made by modifying two of Martha Stewart’s table seating cards to suit our needs. )

free printable labels


Free Printables.

How to Use The Fine Craft Guild Label Template

1. Print the template using the link above.

If you use plain copy paper instead of card stock, you may wish to glue them onto a recycled cereal box first, to give your label some structure before attaching it to your box.

2. If you print them on white paper or card stock, you can color them in with pastel pencils. (We used a bright pink for the edges and they look wonderful!)

3. Glue your labels onto the toy boxes. Make sure you cover your boxes first with lovely wrapping paper. (A pretty label on an old shoe box with the pricing still on it won’t do). The box has to be prettied first.


Alternatively, you can print them on colored card stock and leave the whole step of coloring them by hand out. I have however found that by involving my niece in organizing projects she feels they are more here ideas and that makes them of course a lot better. 

Have a look at the same toy box labels in pink and in white. See how much ‘lovelier’ the pink is? Color gives a totally different effect, so play around with it.






A tidy room,

Fit for a princess.

Now show me YOUR kids’ TIDY  bed rooms / toy rooms.



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