Clay Craft for Kids: Ceramic Hand Dish


:: Clay Craft for Kids: Ceramic Hand Dish ::

To make this stylish ceramic hand dish is so easy.  Perfect home decor craft for toddlers and teens. And crafting moms like me! !!I just adore these decorated hand bowls, albeit that I might like a less bright color for myself. 

Kids can make a ceramic hand dishes for themselves, one for yourself, and one for grandma and a couple as gifts to aunts and uncles or their friends. And, now is as good a time to start making Christmas gifts as any.

Depending on the color scheme you /your kids choose, it can be used as a decorative bowl to serve after dinner minty’s, or be used as a fanciful soap dish.

Clay Craft for Kids: Ceramic Hand Dish
Clay Craft for Kids: Ceramic Hand Dish – image credit: My Poppet Makes

Materials Needed

You’ll need some white air dry clay like Jovi’s.

Ideally you get your family a set of modelling clay tools. But if you don’t have a set, no worries. Scour around the house for things to make shapes and imprints in your clay. I personally think that experimenting with ‘odd’ objects is half the fun of making these hands.

A rolling pin is hand, but a clean recycled bottle will work as well as to flatten your clay.

Acrylic craft paint comes in  a million of colors.  Tip: set the kids up for this craft on a table with a washable cover over it. Recycle some butter tube lids to mix paint colors and have an assortment of craft brushes ready.  Don’t water down the paint if you want vibrant colors. As well, if you add water, you’ll dull the acrylic paint and make it less strong. Better to add white paint instead.

To seal it, you can use either ModPodge, as Emma did who produced the hands in the picture (shaped after her own hands – cute!), or a proper varnish, which comes in matte and gloss. Go for gloss!

Are you ready to learn how?

With all your goodies ready, hop over and learn the how-to of ceramic hand dish: There are lots of tips, details and photos.

Clay Craft for Kids: Ceramic Hand Dish

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