Make baby bathtime fun with these beachy bath mittens

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Beachy Bath Mittens | Another great contribution to your beach cottage: starfish, coral, seaweed and fish-shaped bath gloves. Aren’t they both lovely and fun?

Depending on the colors in your bathroom, use either pastel or brightly-colored hand towels and the templates below. There’s a fish, starfish and a coral shape.

My favorite bath mitten shape is the coral and I fancy using up a red IKEA wash cloth for this purpose. It’s also the best color match to my blue-white bathroom. As these great shapes make of course wonderful bath ‘toys’, choose whatever color will work to get them easily into the bathtub, so they’ll be clean and relaxed for bed. Needless to say that these make a great gift to go along with bath foam and other personal spa products… ;-)

How to Make Your Own Bath Mitten

Step by Step Instructions

1. Print and cut the template of your choice.
2. Pin your template onto your soft fabric terrycloth/towel material and cut, leaving a 1/2 ” seam.
Tip: to avoid having to make a seam at the entrance, align the hand opening with the edge of your towel. This way you can use the stitched seam that’s already there.
3. Cut the shape 2x. If your material is really thick, cut each piece separately.
4. Lay the pieces on top of eachother, inside out, and sew them together, leaving the bottom side open so your hand can go in it…
5. If your materials is frays, go over the edges with a zigzag stitch.
6. Flip the mitten right-side out.
7. Embellish (one side of the glove) as desired with a few beads or applique elements.

Where to Get

If you want to make a whole bunch of them to sell at the school’s fair or your community craft show, consider buying 45” Wide Terry Cloth Pink Fabric By The Yard. Great prices for good terry cloth.

Click here for your 3 different bath glove templates: fish, coral & starfish. The seaweed glove can be made with the coral pattern, using moss green material.


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