If you are looking to buy kapok stuffing for sale online, your very first question is how much kapok you need to buy.

How Much Kapok Do You Need to Buy?

How much kapok you’ll need for your pillow filling depends on the measurements you’ll choose for your decorative and/or zafu meditation pillows. For this kind of zafu meditation pillows, you will need approximately 2.5 lbs. of kapok* per pillow.

BTW. I just had a reader ask me how much you’ll need if you wish to fill it with buckwheat instead of kapok. The answer is: when we use buckwheat, we use 6 lbs. for the medium-sized zafu pillow, and 7 lbs. for the large zafu pillow.

buy Kapok Ceiba pentandra

Carolina Morning.

Where to buy quality Kapok is at Carolina Morning, and here is a great incentive for you to go check out the organic kapok and buckwheat – based products from Carolina Morning: meditation pillows, yoga props, and other wholesome healthy living support items.

For your health and well-being, the products of Carolina Morning are completely worth every cent they cost. Actually, when you go shop around for quality organic, handmade products, you’ll find the prices at Carolina Morning entirely reasonable.

Hop over and the kind folks at Carolina Morning will serve you.


Why Carolina Morning?

I’m excited to announce our new affiliation with Carolina Morning. The folks there just love their work, and are most knowledgeable of their materials. I’d call them All-American wholesome with a compassionate Buddhist heart. What’s particularly commendable is that the company is an authentic environment-saving company and a true pioneer at the Green Business movement.

Being Green is a Mission. buy wholesale kapok stuffing

Carolina Morning’s eco-friendly business practices are all-invasive: “We have eliminated all plastic from our packaging. We print only a one page brochure on 100% recycled paper with soy ink. We recycle all office paper and bottles. Our fabric scraps are donated to a local charity which makes them into blankets for the homeless. We employ LEAN manufacturing techniques which makes our operation super efficient and competitive, even in the Global Economy. We are constantly working on reducing our energy needs.”

buy wholesale kapok stuffingMade in America.

Carolina Morning is a small manufacturer who still believe in America. Not moving its production overseas to save a dime at the expense of its community is a heart-centred choice. North of Asheville in North Carolina, they employ people in a rural Appalachian region which prevents extra driving and helps the local and the overall American economy. Applause, but they need your and my help to stay in business and compete with China and other places where they don’t quite care so much about the environment just to save that buck…

I just LOVE to support these folks, and I am inviting you to do the same.

Excited? I am. Let’s support our health, let’s support our environment and let’s support one of the last good old American manufacturers left

Carolina Morning KAPOK

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