Decorative Pillows – Kaleidoscope Quilt Pattern


Fabulous! is the word that came to mind in response to Brooke’s  paper-pieced kaleidoscope-quilt-pillow.

kaleidoscope quilt pillow pattern

photo credit | quilting pattern : by Brooke from Pitter putter stitch

Quilting and patchwork can be so granny-ish, while this happy and bright kaleidoscope quilt pillow is ultra- modern! I totally adore it.

Making a kaleidoscope quilt pillow requires a proper quilt pattern, and we are thrilled to share Brooke’s free pillow design, quilting pattern and pillow making instructions.

In short, each block is pieced together from 8 pieces of fabric, four of which are solid off-white top stitched with black after all the patchwork is done. The other four pieces alternate in colors and design, creating this lovely kaleidascope effect. I can’t wait to make a set of decorative pillows with this pattern. What about you?

If you want our usual 1,2,3 How-to commentary, this is how I’d make this project:

  1. Design your square on paper first, using a square a piece of paper, a ruler and a rotary cutting mat. Brooke made her squares 4″, but you can use any size you want, that is easily dividable into 4.
  2. Sew your fabric pieces together using this design to make each square. Make as many squares as you’ll need to cover the top size of your pillow. Brooke allowed for a fancy double border around her pieced artwork.
  3. Finish off one side of your quilted pillow top nicely and onto the other 3 sides, sew a 1.5 x the pillowcase sized fabric for the back. Why 1.5? The half-a length functions as an inside ‘envelop’ flap, to easily place or remove the pillowcase from your pillow filling.

And, for more details & tips, visit Brooke! (link above!)

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