These Italian Chocolate Easter Eggs make you want to travel!

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The other week we visited Florence, and I was completely taken in by the chocolate Easter egg displays.  These Italian Chocolate Easter Eggs make you want to travel, don’t they?!

Italian Easter eggs Display in Florence

Besides huge, chocolate filled Easter eggs being popular gifts for the holiday, the Italians also give each other a particular Easter cake.  They actually call it ‘Easter pizza’ but it has nothing in common with a pizza. Packaging is everything and these cakes are just exquisitely wrapped. A feast for the eye, the heart, the soul and the mouth.

Easter eggs

Look at these Easter Egg window displays.

Only in Italy, only in Florence!!!!

Italian Easter egg display in Florence

Just beautiful.

I also want to share with you a few pictures of the candy store itself. As you can tell , it’s an establishment of refinement, located in the old town of Florence. If you click on the image, you can see the larger version. Look at those amazing hand-painted ceilings!!! Beautiful.

Oh, and these handmade bonbons taste even better than they look.

easter eggs shop

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