Best Dinnerware at Orvieto’s New Year Umbria Jazz Festival

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Happy New Year from Italy!!! We were partying here on the first day of the New Year.

Umbria Jazz Festival is held every year around this time in the gorgeous Italian city of Orvieto. As this year, New Year’s day fell on a Sunday we enjoyed the happy opportunity to actually go see it and enjoy Funkoff jazz band live parading, playing, and dancing through the street. Funky!!

I taped it, so you can hear them too!


Umbria jazz festival


umbria jazz festival


Umbria jazz festival

For more info: Umbria Jazz ~ Orvieto’s   annual New Year Jazz Fest


Orvieto is also famous for its delicacies, which range from rare black truffles, divine olive oil to top Italian wines. On New Year’s day, on the menu of many restaurants and on all dinner tables at home featured a traditional Italian comfort-food dish that is to bring both luck and prosperity.


    arrow_right     What Italians eat at New Year
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Artistically, Orvieto is known for its hand-decorated ceramics. While we might think that all these gorgeous Italian table settings are made in Florence, realize that Orvieto hosts the skilled Italian artisans that we all know so well. Have a look…

    arrow_right     Italian Hand-decorated Ceramics
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Overall, Orvieto is an amazing cultural center, that dates back to Etruscan times. It’s perched upon a volcanic flat, high up in the sky. Its most visible magnificent art center piece is the monumental 14th century cathedral. Its most famous hidden secret is the original underground Etruscan city. For trip and vacation info and gorgeous travel photos, from now on, visit our other site,, where we’ll host more of our travel info, to keep FineCraftGuild purely about art and fine craft.



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