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Walking begin December in the late afternoon through the always romantic streets of Rome, as everything is so ancient and so laden with the energy of things that have endured the passage of time.  You know how handmade things have that feel about them, of extensive handling and care in the making… How it has irregular quirks and that is exactly why it is turning out so lovely, and special. Well, the streets of Rome are like that. They do not line up. The street numbers do not line up either, btw, which is not so practical, but yes, in deed that too adds to its charm.

Italian Bag Fashion

And so in this place, I went window shopping for Christmas. Here is an overview of some of the lovely bags I found. Of course, I’m omitting some of the not-so-crafty classics, and including those who use recycled materials.

Italian Handbag for Christmas

Italian Bag Fashion- knit bag Italy Winter 1. In the Prada shop, this chic black hand-knit bag with same-colored flowers and gold metal elements for contrast to the soft flow of the bag. I don’t think this is a Prada bag, however given its price tag (1295 euro, or 1.3x that for dollars), it sure it in its league.

quilted bag  recycled

2.  In the ‘Recycled Art’ shop (forgot its name), spotted these gorgeous quilted tote bags.  They are large. And  no doubt, they are a lot of work to quilt together. Actually, these quilted bags remind me of origami… so let me dub them ‘origami bags’. Love these!

recycled aluminium crochet bag3. In a trendy fashion shop, I spotted this recycled aluminium crochet messenger bag made from the pull tags of soda pop cans. This bag was made in several sizes, and I saw someone walk around with an over-sized messenger bag. Very cool. Looked light weight even though made with metal. And looked strong. I have no idea about pricing, so I scoured around on the web, and actually found a ‘similar’ soda pop-top messenger bag for sale for US$190.

4. On the Christmas craft market, I shopped and shopped and spotted loads of felt bag designs for you, all equally lovely. Italy loves felts and is very creative with it. These kinds of bags are inexpensive. Say, 18 euro.

If you’re inspired to now go make your own, see our Overview of Bag Designs and Patterns.

I want to see your bags now…  So, DO send in comments and pictures of yours, please.

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