Irish Lace iPhone Cover Crochet Pattern

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Make this romantic Irish lace iPhone cover crochet pattern for yourself or as a mothers day gift for mom: this super low-tech Irish lace crochet cover will make any tech-phobic mom or granny happy with the idea of having an iPhone. And, I sure am not tech-phobic, but I sure love the elegance of this Irish lace cover too. I used rather thick cotton yarn so there’s quite a lot of padding there to protect your phone. But you can hear it ring, even if it’s in your purse. Which is great. Besides making matching fingerless gloves for Spring, I designed a matching body crossing mini-messenger bag (for a Kindle), which I lined. You could easily line this Irish lace iPhone cover also, but be sure to choose thin lining, or to add a stitch to your pattern, as this is a rather snug-fitting pattern for optimal protection.

Feminine iPhone Cover :: Crochet Pattern

I’m kicking things off with this new crochet pattern for an iPhone cover. It makes an ideal gift. Light weight, unique, and utterly feminine and romantic.

Irish Lace iPhone Cover Crochet Pattern by

The beads at the front give lustre to your cover. The OM bead is a reminder to ever be tranquil in all your conversations (smiles…) You can use it to close the cover or just as an indicator to see which way is up.

Irish Lace iPhone Cover Crochet Pattern by

Gauge is not critical as pattern is worked to the size desired for your device. Your measurements do not have to be perfect, as the cozy can stretch to fit your device. Adaptable to most weights of yarn, from roughly sock yarn to aran.

I choose thicker cotton yarn and used solid dc stitches on all the edges, for extra protection ~ just in case you drop your iPhone. There are no guarantees that the screen will survive, but at least you have a chance of it surviving. BTW. in case you missed it, here’s a tutorial on how to replace your iPhone screen.

Make this crochet cover as a sweet gift for a friend, or pair it with an actual iPhone or iPod Touch and gift it to your mom or your teen/tween daughter.

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This handmade gift is very fast to make. If you omit the beading, you can make several in one morning.

As well, you need very little yarn. Plus it’s designed in such a way, that you could easily make the sides into a different color, allowing you to use leftovers from your yarn stash for this project.

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