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We feature a lot of **** bags **** (and free patterns to make them), but this little pouch for your iPhone | iPad earbuds is not one of them, … yet. Well, we’re adding it today.


Seems like a simple pouch, but .. oh the details:

  • It’s tiny so you cant be tempted to put anything else in it.
  • It has a tag so you can attach it to your belt or handbags | backpacks, 
  • It has a zipper so your iPhone headphones | earbuds can’t fall out.
  • As you will be making it, it comes in your own favorite fabric.
  • It’s a good free sewing pattern with step-by-step illustrations.
    1. Download: https://erinerickson.com/2011/11/circle-zip-earbud-pouch-tutorial/

    I love little creative projects like this, because….

    1. They make fabulous gifts: Christmas, Mothersday, Fathersday, birthdays, etc.
    2. They are fun projects to embellish. Think embroidery monograms or an owl applique).
    3. They are portable and so you can do the fine finishing when you are on-the-way, waiting somewhere for someone.



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    Of course, they sell all the iPad accessories also. But NOT this little pouch. You can make that all on your own!



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