Invisible Bookshelves DIY

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Eco green, super cool, back-to-school, and simple-to-do, inexpensive kid room decoration.

These invisible bookshelves meets all criteria.

invisible book shelvesinvisiblebookshelves4

Materials Needed

  1. A book (that you don’t mind never reading again)
  2. A good-sized L-bracket
  3. Couple of flat-head screws
  4. Ruler & pen
  5. Glue
  6. Stack of Books (high enough to cover your bracket)

How to Make Invisible Bookshelves

how to make invisible bookshelves
  1. Mark the middle of your book on the inside of the cover with a ruler and pen.
  2. Then, insert your L-shaped bracket in the book.
  3. Glue it on and strengthen this situation by screwing the bracket into the books as well as adding a few screw into the book. See the picture on the right.
  4. Add a ton of glue to the page facing the cover that has the L-bracket in it.
  5. Close the book and place something heavy on top for a day or so.
  6. Then, hang the book with the bracket upwards on the wall. See picture below.
  7. Stack other books on top, at least as high as your bracket so that your bracket becomes invisible.
how to make invisible bookshelvess

designer: Jace Darren, Dorxincandeland 


Invisible Book Shelves

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