Inspiring Stencil Projects: Here are a number of inspiring stencil projects you can make for different purposes: art, design and craft projects – which all use stencils as basic tools. I love the variety that you can achieve with stencils, as well as the wide range of graphic styles. I tried to offer a sample of many different uses and types of stencils.

  1. Simple Stencils
    (Possible uses: Applique Patches, Screen Printing or Spray Painting)
    Free Butterfly Stencil
  2. Elaborate Wall Stencils
    (Possible uses: Fabulous Interior Design Wall Painting … wanna make a matching bed spread.. Can be used as floor stencils also.)

  3. wall stencils
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  4. Sophisticated Stencils
    (Possible uses: wall paper, artwork, fabric design & silk screening, paper craft)
    spider stencil


  5. Stencils for Wild Designs
    (Possible uses: as ‘graffiti’ spray paint stencils)
    spray  paint stencils

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  6. Stencils for Party Decorations
    (Possible uses: pumpkins, Halloween cards, Halloween party invitations, decorations & goodie bags)
    Free Halloween Stencils

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  7. Stencils for Work
    (Possible uses: Photoshop stencils can be used for Web design, digital art, art journals)
    photoshop stencils

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  8. Stencils for Saturday Morning
    (Possible uses: coffee, hot chocolate, cup cakes, petite fours, pancakes, placemat or table cloth designs)

    coffee stencil
    Stainless Steel Coffee Stencils

    Easter Coffee, Cupcake & Cookie Stencils
    easter cookies cupcakes & coffee stencils

    Cupcake and Cookie Stencils


    coffee stencils
    Cappuccino Stencils

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    Christmas Holiday Coffee Stencils

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