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Went to visit the historic little farming village of Firle in England yesterday. As it is a most picturesque village, we went there to show our holiday guests a bit of England and did a  mini photo shoot for my new shawl knitting pattern. As part of our little tour, we visited the old church and discovered a darling hand-knitted nativity scene in the children’s corner.
Firle village church Knitted Nativity SceneJust had to take some pictures to show you.


embroidered_kneeling_pillow - Knitted Nativity Scene article, Fine Craft GuildAs well as featuring a knitted nativity scene, this church had seats that were adored with hand-embroidered blue kneeling pillows. All unique: Each pillow had a personalized theme. It was such a pretty sight to see them all placed on the church benches. So homey.


hand embroidered kneeling pillow


You can tell this is a creative church community.




Knitted Nativity Scene

Here’s Joseph, Maria and Baby Jesus in a crib, under a knit blanket.

Knitted Nativity Scene


The Shepherds of this Knitted Nativity Scenenativity_scene_shepherds.

The nativity scene would not be complete without some knitted sheep. They were so cute!
Knitted Nativity Scene sheep

The Three Wise Men

Am I saving the best for last – in terms of knitting? Perhaps. I thought that the three wise men were the most colorful part of this knitted nativity scene.

knitted nativity scene - 3 wise men



And there you have it: a hand knitted nativity scene!Knitted Nativity Scene knitting



Inspirational, don’t you think?! It is so soulful: I love it!

To get the written instructions on how to make this nativity scene, get yourself a copy of this book (booklet): UK BUYERS: Jean Greenhowe Knitting Pattern Book – Christmas Special
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US BUYERS: Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas special
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I guess I’ll have to add this to my 12 Days of Christmas Knitting – list. Who wants me to make a knitting pattern for a knitted nativity scene? Or, if I’d make one for you: how much would you pay for a pattern? I guess it’s quite a lot of work to design so many toys in one set. But it’s be a fun project – ideal to team up with a charity for it. Who would not want to knit and donate to a good cause at the same time?

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