Indoor Vertical Gardening Plastic Bottles: A great idea!

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:: Your’ll love this idea for Indoor Vertical Gardening Plastic Bottles :: I came across this idea to grow spring onions in large recycled plastic bottles in a way that it would look like ornamental exotic plants. Isn’t it cool?!! Recycle all your large plastic bottles! This is a compact vertical vegetable gardening idea that’s sure is worth trying out. And I would not just stop at spring onions, but try out all sorts of bulbs. (I am thinking … tulips as well as other kinds of herbs and vegetables)

Indoor Vertical Gardening Plastic Bottles

How to Grow Spring Onions Indoors – Step by Step


Indoor Vertical Gardening Plastic Bottles


Instructions on How to Create an Indoor Vertical Gardening Planter Using Plastic Bottles e.g. for your Spring Onions:

Step 1. Recycle large, cleaned plastic bottles. A 2 liter. coke bottle, but also a gallon milk jug is good. And, get yourself a small plastic tray to go below the bottle to catch all the drained water after watering.

Step 2.  First mark your tentative holes with a Sharpie on the bottle and cut later.   When deciding on the size of the holes, consider that the sprigs of spring onion need to go thru it, rather than the whole onion bulb itself. Therefore, make the holes rather small .  Draw holes at even intervals all around the bottle. Make it an even and pretty design of holes. Leave the bottom 1/4 of the bottle in tact.

Step 3. Cut all the holes out at once. Use sharp scissors or a craft knife, and be careful! Take your sweet time.The recycled plastic bottle will become less sturdy as you are adding holes to it. It will be nearly impossible to add holes later on. Plan it properly and cut all holes in one go.

Add several small drainage holes at the bottom of your bottle.You don’t want any of the onions to ‘stand’ into water as that will make them rot (and smell terribly!).

4.When you are ready cutting, the fun begins: Alternate a layer of soil and a layer of seed onions, etc.  Place each onion so that it closes the hole. This will help you to control water seeping out when you water the bottle, and to retain the soil within the bottle.


That has to be one of the most compact vertical gardening ideas I’ve ever seen, and I love it.  A perfect vertical vegetable gardening idea for your porch or kitchen garden area.

photo collage:; image credit | source: Ana Sm (Russian site)



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Indoor gardening with recycled plastic bottles in a DIY vertical gardening system

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