Independence Day Clip Art

Paper Crafts

First of all, Happy Canada Day (1st of July) to all northern North Americans. May you have a blessed day today, full of festive celebrations!

For the other North Americans, that celebration is a few days ahead: 4th of July, Independence Day.

Here are some additional pictures for our collection of free 4th of July Independence Day downloadable clip art. I know that some of you have found this lovely vintage, copyright-free 4th of July clip art a real treat to decorate with.

Yesterday. when over at the Graphic Fairy, I cam across another copyright free vintage photo that also would be great to use for 4th of July.


American princess with crown and flag

~ that’s what I’m calling her.


clip art

Click on the image to find the large version.


Why am I giving you lovely source images, rather than my own crafts with them? First, I see them as free stencils – screenprint opportunities, and as such they are free art tools, in my mind, for you to use over and over again.

Second, I’m living in Italy now so I can’t really go to far overboard on North American decorative ideas… Last year at Halloween, everyone wanted to bring my pumpkin inside, so I know I have to do ‘cross-culturally appropriate’ things to celebrate holidays, so that everybody’s happy.

All this to say, that I’m sharing these great images with you, for you to make decorative designs with them.