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Hydrangeas for free and in abundance!

These wonderful plants are omnipresent in Italy and I totally adore them. They make me happy!! I have to say, flowers like the ones in the pictures below make Italy seem like paradise. So incredibly charming.

Despite the fact that these flowers are not native to Italy, you can see that hydrangeas belong here. You find them flanking the lakes. You find them blossoming in gardens all over the country. Most often, you find these plants buoyantly adorn the village streets in big terracotta pots.

But sometimes, like here, they are popped straight into the ground: Today, I was over at another village, Capranica. That’s where I discovered this little hydrangeas-heaven, which I thought to share with you.

Once you see this, I’m sure you will want to learn how to grow your own. Look for the ‘how to’-link, at the end of the page.

I am THRILLED how my flower pictures turned out. (All shot with this #1 camera). Click on each image to see a larger version of it. Please do not copy images, other than for single personal use, offline!



Some have pink flowers, others with violet or blue flowers. Apparently the soil condition determines what color the flowers will become!

pink hydrangeas



hydrangeas in capranica

italian vacation

hydrangeas violet


blue hydrangeas



Learn how to Grow Your Own Hydrangeas (or other plants, from clippings). So easy!!!!

Or buy some: Hydrangea plants for sale

And, …

Learn how to make hydrangea cupcakes.

Happy gardening!

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