Hydrangea Cupcakes Recipe: Learn Howto Make Flower Frosting


Hydrangea Cupcakes Recipe & Pinterest Eyecandy below!

Cupcakes adorned with frosting shaped like gorgeous hydrangea flowers that look so real, you have to do a double-take. Don’t they look fantastic?!

Learn how to decorate these most amazing cupcakes for an upcoming Spring party from Gloria, the creator of these decorative flowers in creamy, two-tone frosting. I perused both her frosting recipe and her technique on how she made the actual flowers, and oh my goodness, it’s actually really easy! Who would have thought that?!

hydrangea cupcakes recipes

Glorious Hydrangea Cupcakes Recipe for Flower Frosting
by Gloria’s from Glorious Treats


Photo credit : Gloria

What You Need to Make Hydrangea Frosting Flowers wilton_cake_decorating_tip

To adorn your cupcakes with these glorious Hydrangea Flowers, you really do not need much: just the right tool!

How to Make Colored Frosting Flowers

This is where Glory sets herself apart from the pack.  She colored half of the frosting blue, and the other half purple. Genial.

Gloria uses your basic American-style buttercream recipe (i.e. butter, powdered sugar, milk), but with the added ingredients of a cup of cream cheese, a teaspoon vanilla extract, and just a less than a table spoon of cream so that the frosting stays nice and firm. She also makes sure the frosting is cold, not room temperature so that the shapes stay nice.


Ode to Gloria

Gloria is wife, mother, baker, crafter, photographer, floral designer, and party planner.  I love Gloria’s write-up of herself, as you can see that her whole being is represented in her culinary work here.


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