Hat with Ear Flaps Free Knitting Pattern

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Walk home super trendy from work in this fast-to-knit Hudson Riverfront hat with ear flaps, made with the trendiest yarns.  It’s a one-of-a-kind trendy hat that makes other heads turn!  I’m sure you don’t expect this to be a beginners knitting pattern, but it is!  I’ll explain to how it is made in simple steps.

Secrets to Making  Glamorous Hats

The Secret to making a Hat look glamorous is using luxury yarns.

Hat with Ear Flaps Free Knitting Pattern

Knitting Yarn Needed to make the Hudson Riverfront Hat with Ear Flaps

This trendy hat with ear flaps is made with one of Lion Brand’s latest yarns, Pelt yarn (Chinchilla). It’s a faux-fur yarn. I’m featuring the color scheme for a Chinchilla here. It is one of 6 different color ways, to resemble 6 different animal furs.   You’ll need just 1 skein of this to make the hat front section.

It’s the perfect match to the beautiful gold-leaf yarn used for the remainder of the hat, a black/gold leaf yarn. This too is one of Lion Brand’s newest yarns.   You’ll need 2 skeins of this to make the hat.   The beautiful gold-leaf yarn comes in a range of other  lovely Winter – toned colors. E.g.

  • White/Gold
  • Red/Gold
  • Purple/Gold
  • Grey/Silver, and
  • Teal/Gold.

You’ll also need:

  • Circular Knitting Needles 16” Size 11
  • Double Pointed Needles – Size 11
  • Crochet Hook – Size J-10 (6 mm).

hat ties - Hat with Ear Flaps  - Free Knitting PatternEasy Beginners Hat Knitting Pattern

With such dazzling design elements, this free hat knitting pattern is perfect to kick off a year of beautiful knits.   I think the only thing ‘challenging’ about this hat is overcoming your fear of knitting in the round. (see previous article on ‘how to knit in the round’ and you’ll get over this). Look at it as an opportunity: this pattern let’s you give knitting in the round a go!

Step 1: This hat is just a decreasing circle, starting at the rim knit towards to the crown.

YES to ear flaps!

Step 2: The ear flaps are knit separately and sewn on.  Just think of this hat pattern as a basic cap, with 3 flaps: one front flap, and two earflaps.  There are two earflaps on each side, one in each type of yarn.  They are hand-sewn on on top of each other.

Step 3: The front flap has the same pattern as the ear flaps. There’s just 1, made just in the pelt yarn. It is sewn onto the rim,  folded upwards, and then stitched in position.

Step 4: The earflaps ties are simple crochet chains.  The pelt ‘tassels’ on the ties are just bits of pelt yarn attached to the chain.

The Verdict: Yes, YOU, the beginner knitter, can do this! Easy. Why? ‘Cause the dazzling yarns takes all ‘the work’ out of making this.  Are you ready?  Want to try?  Buy your yarn first* and then get to work.

Here’s your free hat knitting pattern: Hudson Riverfront Hat.

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