HST Block Wall Hanging or Pillow Cover


Hi all! It’s your free quilting course again today. Quilt Instructor Janeen van Niekerk created this gorgeous HST block for us, incorporating the quilting techniques she taught us in the last two quilting workshops. 

Wall hanging, Pillow cover or Quilted Bag ?

Janeen wrote to me that it’s intended as a wall hanging. But oh, me the decorator, instinctively called it the ideal quilted decorative pillow cover instead.

That is, before I realised that it could also be the front of a fabulous tote bag too. If you like that idea, check out this free tote bag sewing pattern to make the bag component.

And follow along to get the quilting block done first!

half square triangle quilting workshop

HST Block

Wall Hanging

18” (46cm)


Quilting Materials Needed

You will need:

  • 4 Different colors from your stash – I’m using White fabric and 3 different colored fabrics. I’ve tried to grade them down from dark to lighter.
  • Each small block of HSq measures 3.5″ (cm) unfinished.

Size of Final Quilted Block

The overall large block for our wall hanging measures 18″ (cm) unfinished.

Quilting Tip – Technique:

Easy to remember – when wanting to make the traditional blocks, when cut makes 2HST you must add 1″ to the size of your block (we are using 3,5″ blocks, so we add 1″ to them and work with 4,5″ blocks that will be cut ONCE.

When working with the alternative method, you add 2″ to your block and cut TWICE. (3,5″ + 2″ = 5,5″) – see last HST quilting workshop for details.


This is what we will be working with:

  • An HST. 
  • This is a traditional quilt blog pattern.
  • It is created by two fabrics sewn diagonally on each side of diagonal line and then cut down the center between the sewing.
  • Each also has a 1/4″ seam around each triangle.


Cutting Your Quilt Block Fabric

You only need to use one fabric cutting method.  The choice is yours.  With this block I’m going to give the traditional method instructions only, but in prior workshops I have taught you the alternative method.

For the Traditional Method of making a HSq: Blocks are 3.5″ to start with and we add 1″ = 4,5″ to work with.

Color Fabric

Cutting Size in Inches

# Squares You Need

1 (white)


8 – (Leave these one side)




2 Pink









Pairing up Your Quilt Blocks

The next step is to pair up two blocks and have them facing right sides together. You will need:

Color Fabric Combinations

You Need


1 and 2

12 pairs

Mark a diagonal line on each pair onto the lighter fabric using a fading fabric pen

1 / 3


1 / 4


2 / 4


3 / 4




Quilt Wall Hanging Assembly

Sew each of the pairs each side of the marked line (1/4″ seams). You can chain the pairs and sew down each side and turn and sew back up again on the opposite side. The line you drew is not to be sewn on. That line is to help guide the sewing on either side of it and once all pairs are sewn, you will cut down the center on the line you drew.

For the quilted wall hanging project, you will now have  the following quilt elements:

  • 28 HST
  • 8 Squares.

Trimming Your Quilt Blocks

All HST blocks need to be trimmed down to 3,5″ x 3,5″ before sewing the block.

Layout and Finishing Your Quilt Block

Lay the HST and the squares out according to the image on the front of the pattern to get a good visual of the block.

  1. Sew each row’s blocks together with a 1/4″ seam. Press all seams in one direction. On the next row, press each seam the opposite direction so that when we sew the finished rows together, they can lock into one another (nesting) and you will get a good clean corner.
  2. Press your block and square it up at the finish. Do not cut off the 1/4″ seam around the block.
  3. The unfinished block should measure 18″ (46cm).
  4. Once you have finished making the block you can add a back and batting to it. The back can be folded over to form the edge on the front.
  5. Straight line quilting of your choice can also be added.

And then you have this!

half square triangle quilt pattern

I hope you enjoy making this quilt block. I had a lot of fun doing it. I think this quilt project turned out great. Can’t wait to see your pictures to learn what you have made with this tutorial. Drop us a line below when done and share a picture for the blog in future.

Till the next time!


Copyright & Design Notice


These designs were created to be used and shared. You may sell items made from the patterns on small scale. They must be handmade by you and not mass produced. If you sell online or otherwise, please include “Pattern designed by Quilt Art Designs” within the description and label.

We have taken great care to ensure that the information included in this pattern is accurate and presented in good faith, but no warranty is provided and nor results guaranteed. Having no control over the choices of materials or procedures used, neither the author nor Quilt Art Designs shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this pattern.

‘Till the next time,

By Janeen van Niekerk, Quilting Instructor


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