How to Weave a Rag Rug

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Happy Chinese New Year in the year of the Sheep.  To ensure that that last year’s dirt does not enter your home this year, Chinese feng shui suggest to change your mats each new year, particularly your front door mat.   So, I felt that today’s featured linky party submission of ‘how to weave a rag rug’ was best published today, on the first Chinese new year day.   This is the first of two features of the Linky Party submissions this week, making up for the past few weeks. I have returned back to the home-front in the UK, hoping mom will be OK on her own, now without my beloved dada around.


Linky Party Feature: How to Weave a Rag Rug

The ‘how to weave a rag rug’-tutorial is by  Stacey K from Farmhouse in the Field. She explains how to make a rag rug from scratch, and tells us about how to make a loom also. I have previously featured how to make a loom to weave a designer silk fashion belt, but now we are talking about a large loom. I have made one of these in high school, many years ago, so while there are some tricks to the trade of loom-building, you for sure can handle it technically!

Personally I have several rag rug WIPs laying around but mine are circle rugs and other fun-shaped rugs.  However, there’s nothing like that practical rectangle rug, right?! Rectangular rugs fit everywhere and fit so nicely: next to the bath, in front of the kitchen sink, the linen closet or on your bedside. Right?  Furthermore, rag rugs are 100% recycled, making it a top-rated craft project! Perfect feature for

Stacey’s beautiful Hand-woven Rag Rug

What a lovely way to use up old cloths and recycling them creatively.

Photo credit: original by Farmhouse in the Field, modified by

Like to weave your own personalized rag rug?

Hop  over to Stacey’s and get her How to make a rag rug tutorial @  The farmhouse in the field.


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