How to Use a Cricut Machine? It’s Easy & Fun!

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You might have seen thousands of super-cute Cricut craft results over the years, but don’t have a Cricut yourself.  It makes sense to first learn how to use a Cricut machine and understand how it works before buying one. Here is the load-down. (This article contains affiliate links, which give me a small commission if you buy using these links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for using them!)

Cricut machines are rather easy to use. Whether you are interesting in buying the Cricut Joy, the Cricut Maker, the Cricut Explore, or the Cricut Easypress — the basic operation of all these machines is more or less the same.  

How to Use a Cricut Machine

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Before we’ll get to how to use a Cricut machine, let’s work out what you’ll need:

How to Use a Cricut Machine – How to Create an Iron-on T-shirt with Cricut

Obviously, things vary a bit by type of project but here is a common use case of how to create a personalised t-shirt with a unique iron-on appliqué of your choice.




It did not always, but today Cricut has a fabulous library of how-to videos on its website. Scroll down the bottom and look for the section called LEARN , which will lead you to where you can .. learn more.

25 Exciting Projects to Inspire You & Explain How To Use a Cricut Machine (video tutorials)

Which Cricut Machine is Best for you?

Last, now that you no doubt are all excited about what you can do with a Cricut, let’s take a moment to discuss your most important decision: which one!??

More than anything which one to choose depends on the size of the die cuts you wish to make, and some some degree also the materials you wish to work with.

  • Cricut Joy – simple and compact — the latest model. (on sale for $169! Valid through 2/26.)
  • Cricut Explore 2 or 3 – the most popular model – flexibility to cut a wide range of craft materials and the precision to deliver exactly what you need.
  • Cricut Maker – The ultimate smart cutting machine. Has all of the same amazing features as Cricut Explore Air 2, plus 10X the cutting power, making it our most versatile smart cutting machine.  Also suitable for sewing and quilting – the fabric cutting part, that is.
  • Cricut Easypress — the mini version – simple and compact. This comes in 3 ultra-mini sizes.

Click each model link to learn more about that particular Cricut machine. And I trust you will make the right choice. (In reality, it will be so much better to have any Cricut machine, right?!)

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