How to Transfer Photos onto Wood


How to Transfer Photos on Wood :: Modpodge Photo Transfer with Gel Medium.

This is a visual how-to tutorial that has so many applications! Once you know how to transfer photos to wood, you can make wonderful personalized gifts for the whole family! You’re set for Christmas gifts this year! Also great for a ‘Thank you’-collage in Photoshop on your computer, print and use that image for the transfer, which would make a perfect Teachers Appreciation gift. Or, collage a love quote and use that for your wedding decorations. Oh, man, the sky is the limit on its use.

How about making personalized bookends (a project on our mind for this weekend!). Anyhow, here is how you transfer photos onto wood.

Step-by-step Tutorial How to Transfer Photos on Wood – with Gel Medium


photo credit: Found! These photos are by a wonderful lady called Crystal Hethcote. After looking for this for 2.5 years, a kind reader told me of her!

The most versatile and easy photo transfer technique ever.

Instructions on the photos

  1. Cover wood with gel medium
  2. Place paper picture side down
  3. Firmly smooth out all bubbles
  4. Let it dry overnight
  5. Wet surface
  6. Gently rub all wetted paper off
  7. Clean all paper residue off
  8. Cover with Mod Podge
  9. Let it Dry
  10. Voila

DiY Photo Transfer onto Wood Step-by-step video tutorial

What is Gel Medium? (Answers to your questions)

Gel medium dries clear to translucent, depending on thickness of application.

2 types: A gloss gel medium is a transparent medium which dries to a gloss finish while a matte gel medium dries to a matte finish.

In painting and decoupage work, use the gel medium as transparent ground for acrylic paint instead of gesso to allow substrate to be seen.

When applying a medium gel to raw canvas, be sure to use adequate pressure to force the medium into the canvas, weave to insure proper bonding between the gel and canvas.

These are all general comments relating to its main use in acrylic painting. Most specifically for this photo project posted here today, gel medium offers excellent adhesion for collage and decoupage.

I personally like Liquitex for all my acrylics medium supplies. Golden is also excellent. However, for a craft project like this that you don’t expect to live for hundreds of years, you can get away with choosing ‘student’-grade art materials. Have a look; and thank you for using my links to buying something. The small commissions I earn from affiliates is what allows me to maintain this blog. It is much appreciated if you make an effort to use my affiliate links. Thank you!)


Gel Medium: Where to Buy

Gel medium: learn all about and you can purchase it on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Mod Pod is simple white glue | household glue | craft glue diluted by about 30-50% with water. No big deal. You probably already own this, so I am not adding a link, but Amazon sells this also in case your supplies get low. In fact, gel medium and mod pod is often bought together by decoupage crafters.

I hope you’ll make some really great art with this, and it would be AWESOME if you were to send in photos of what you have made! Will you?!

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