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How to Create a Natural Spring vignette – that luxurious grouping of Spring-Celebrating Living Room Décor with Recycled Glass

Let me share the ins and outs of how this gorgeous vignette is made in a moment, but first introduce the maker:

For once, I am happy it’s Monday morning! Because now I can introduce our new contributor to the FineCraftGuild, Tammy from One More Time Events! Every Monday we will have something to look forward to: Tammy will be keeping us right on target with our seasonal home decorating, showing us how to easily translate our personal belongings into a seasonal showcase of the times.

All of Tammy’s fantastic-looking home décor vignettes will be build around her passion to create a beautiful home, her decade of craft business experience and her practical no-nonsense approach to celebrating life by using mostly what you already have.

Tammy one more time events

The addition of Tammy as a regular contributor is the dream of any beautiful recycling craft blog (read:! Tammy enjoys the challenge of reinventing her décor. She’s great at figuring out how to make something out of ‘nothing’. To her, all ‘left-overs’ have a purpose. So her urge to recycle |reuse | revamp | redecorate | remodel, creatively and beautifully, is natural. And that shows.

Tammy is the living proof that decoration with what you have | recycled materials, plus maybe a small budget for craft supplies, can create beautiful results. When you walk through her house and her garden, as displayed in her blog, you see a tastefully decorated place that has personality and a sense of home.

Tammy used to own a retail scrapbooking business and her blog is that ‘One More Time’ love affair with the creative world. While her emphasis at ‘One More Time’ blog is on decorating, at the FineCraftGuild she shares her how-to’s and gives us more than a little peak on how things are put together.

OK. Now, let’s have a look of what she has for us today, to kick off her series here:

How to Create a Natural Spring Vignette

“Everything looks better under glass”

One of my favorite thing to do is mix, layer and decorate in glass cylinders.  The nice thing about decorating in glass is you can find glass cylinders in quite a few places such as the Dollar Tree, thrift stores and garage sales at a very low cost.  They can be used in so many ways, by just simply adding some decorative fillers and placing a candle in them.   Another way I like to use them is by decorating the outsides as well as layering them to create a one of a kind piece for every season.

Here I have decided to stay with natural colors for a  Natural Spring Vignette.

natural spring vignette with layers of glass

One of the ways to create a one of a kind vignette  is by using glass cylinders and hurricane lamp shades by mixing and matching them.

decorating in glass ideas

There are all kinds of sizes ranging 4′ to 24′ from of tall, short, large cylinder hanging votive holder which make even better when it comes to layering just by placing one inside the other.

When creating your vignettes and if you are wanting to use several pieces, I have found that glass not only gives your vignette a clean look, but also allows you to show off what what you decide to display in them and not give off that “cluttered” look.

Here I have used several pieces on is a vignette and as you can see eyes stay focused just on more on the centerpiece itself.

This vignette here gives a more of an open clear airy view even though it is up against the wall it allows your eyes to see more of what is actually being displayed.

Another way to add texture to your glass is by decorating the outsides.

natural centerpiece

Another way to add to your glass is by decorating the outsides.  Here  metal ribbon was added to a few to give it more of a elegant feel while the others are wrapped with twine for more of a natural feel for this Natural Spring Vignette.

Hope you enjoy this natural vignette how-to. Next week I’ll be back to show you how to simply create a personalized Fathers Day vignette that your whole family is sure to feel at home with.


Spring vignette using glass

Originally posted 2014.

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