How to Sew a Reversible Beach Blanket

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Before you go out to buy a beach blanket, consider making your own. This reversible beach aka garden or patio blanket is yet another demonstration that good design does not need to be complicated.


Mommy from the ‘1 boy + 1 girl = 1 happy mom’-blog shows us her design. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

Buy 1.2 yard of fabric # 1 and 1 yard of fabric #2.


Look for one fabric that’s a bit wider than the other. Or, if they are the same width, cut a bit of the side of fabric #1, so their relative sizes look like the fabric pieces in this picture:

beach blanket tutorial

Step 2

Ensure that when fabric #1 and fabric #2 are on top of each other, the good sides are away from each other. The


Fold the larger fabric #1 over twice to make a seam around the smaller fabric #2. Pin it together and then sew the seams all around.


Optional extras:

a.  Add a filling such as Insul Bright (see article ‘what is Insul Bright’),  Pellon fusible interfacing , or other batting to make the blanket thicker and more comfortable.

beach blanket tutorial










b. Applique anything you like on it, using matching colored fabrics & threads.  Personally, I prefer it ‘as is’.  It’s busy enough with the polka dots and stripes.

Step 3

Voila. You are done.

Ready to enjoy your lovely reversible beach blanket anywhere outdoor: in your garden, at an outdoor picnic in the park or actually at the beach.



This easy-peasy ‘how to make a blanket” tutorial could also be called “how to make a baby blanket” as a baby blanket is merely a smaller version of this blanket.  Use super-soft materials for a baby blanket.

reversible garden beach blanket

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(There’s no detailed tutorial as she considers you do not need one: it’s that easy!)



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