DIY Modern Room Screen for $30

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A good room screen divides your space nicely, hides your stuff comfortably, and leaves that spacious, breezy feel in your room. 

I found one that does all that it’s supposed to do.

Love this screen? It (the matte grey version) retails for $520 online. However, you can make it for $30.  Tiny budget, nah!?

Cassity from Remodelaholic shows us how to make this room dividing screen. And not a dull ‘three wooden plank’ one, but one that is most unusual and highly contemporary.  This inexpensive room divider idea is made of wood. It suits both a regular and loft apartment, as you can vary its height and width.

What You’ll Need to Make this Room Divider


1 to 2 sheets 1/2″ x 4′ x8′ wood boards, cut to size at the store, see specification sheet for dimensions, (Home Depot makes cuts FYI) Approx $20.00 a piece

6 hinges, very small 2 screw hinge. These come in sets of two for approx $2-3.00


Wood patch compound (optional, for oops!)


  • Straight edge, or long ruler (for drawing on template)
  • Measuring tape (for drawing on template)
  • Pencil (for drawing on template)
  • Jig saw (to cut out shapes) – not included in cost, but they are only about $30.00, for a simple saw, FYI
  • 1-2 sheets, 150 grit sand paper (for sanding raw cut edges)
  • A round object (for sanding curves, see instruction sheet)
  • Sanding block (or small piece of wood with sanding paper wrapping it)

She says” For those of you who don’t have the tools to make this project try this. Get the boards cut at the lumber store to the right width, I would recommend the 4′ wide option so you don’t waste as much since you probably won’t be building a second thing out of the waste. Sand all the flat edges. Paint. both sides one solid color. Trace the pattern lightly and carefully on the screen, and paint the cut-out pattern on to the screen. Or if you know a person who cuts vinyl you can have the relief shape cut from vinyl and attach it on there.”

Happy building.

Free Wood Craft Tutorial

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